Movies with a handsome hero and lovely heroine spun love stories with musical or dance sequences, of course with the abhorrent bad guy as encumbrance to the sweet romance of the couple, including to a lot of action between the duo ended up being a grand success and since became the primary topic of a lot of movies that were to come. These new stars radically altered the landscape of the Indian home entertainment industry with more of glamor and sensuality continuing to be the order of the day.
At the turn of the millennium, Indian movies have seen the markets and the expectations of 'Bollywood's' traditional audiences alter irrevocably. Films handling the existing affairs and those that contained innovative concepts took the lead to break the typical love story or love triangle that had become the popular story base. With media rising to a brand-new dimension, advance technology and the growth of its horizons, 'Bollywood' launched more variety of films with various story lines therefore rising to be the world's biggest film producing market. Not just recording Indian audiences but likewise the movie enthusiasts worldwide, making its mark in the film market overseas. The future of Indian film's success depends upon whether it can change and adjust to the needs of this new market without losing its core identity; and whether the rest of the world will certainly allow it when it has.

Movies in India - Going Places
Indian public have a certain affinity to the movies as it allows them to feel the atmosphere of the make think world. Not just restricted to India, the movies are also in terrific demand among the neighboring countries and in numerous parts of the world, especially in nations where one can discover significant Indian population.
Indians got the very first taste of Movie Theater on 7 July, 1896, when Lumiere bros unveiled six silent movies at the Watson hotel at Bombay. Inspired by the silent movies, a rather transformation began, which was helmed by noteworthy characters like Hiralal, J.F.Madan and F.B. Thanewala. It was DadasahebPhalke, who made a complete length feature film on the life of Raja Harischandra and released it commercially in the year 1913. This was the age of quiet movies.
The very first noise film in India was AlamAra directed by ArdeshirIrani in the year 1931. Compared to regional film market, the Hindi film industry is rather big. Over the years, the style of making movies India has changed a lot.
They too want to cash in on the success of Indian movies. Indian movies are really much popular amongst the western audiences in specific due to its opulent sets, high emotions, tune and dance series etc.
Movies in India not just portray the life of typical Indians, but are also a medium through the world can see the development of India as a nation. With a steady financial development and a mainly young population, Indian movies can certainly go locations.